Titus B. Buita

Regional Speaker


Theologia, et vita.

I work for RZIM Zacharias Trust as a Regional Speaker in Romania and diaspora. Our goal is to present the good news of Jesus Christ by engaging in contemporary dialogues and challenge the ideologies that shape our culture and society.

I hold hold a B.A. in Theology and Bible from the Moody Bible Institute (USA) and an M.Litt. in Analytic and Exegetical Theology from the University of St Andrews (UK).

In the past I worked with organisations such as the C.S. Lewis Institute where I am a Fellow, and Ratio Christi where I established the first ever apologetics student club at Moody Bible Institute with the aim to reach out and expand to other university campuses throughout Chicago area, and to equip students with apologetics tools for evangelising purposes.

My research interests are in the following topics: Trinitarianism; Christology; Pneumatology; Problem of Evil; Arguments for Theism; Atheism; Meaning, Purpose, and Goodness; Issues in Science and Religion (Bioethics and AI); Truth; and Discipleship.

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